Cameron Collis
Loom, Don’t Make Me Think
June 2, 2022

I’ll send a Loom. A what? Oh, a video message.

Like google, when it replaced the word for search. Loom means video message, and it’s catching on.

Loom is an essential tool for effective asynchronous communication. It’s helping distributed teams work together efficiently, and with confidence. But there’s one thing this brilliantly designed product does exceptionally well.

It doesn’t make me think.

It starts when my inner voice says, this message needs to be a loom. I don’t search or open a new window. Instead, I find Loom in the macOS menu bar. Easily accessible, and only a click away.

So I click, and the app appears under the menu bar. In the same position it was last time and the time before that. It’s what I’m familiar with and what I expect. It causes no friction.

I scan the video settings, which default to the one's last used. Then I select the oversized Start Recording button. Within a few seconds, the countdown begins and I’m getting ready to talk to my computer.

When I finish recording, the video message appears in a new browser tab. Then, like my mother, Loom anticipates my next move. The video link is automatically copied to my clipboard and the title field is selected. I give the message a new title. Then jump over to Slack, paste the link, and send. It’s so damn easy.

By constantly anticipating my next move. Loom have created an efficient workflow. One where their users make fewer decisions, have less mental fatigue, and rarely make a wrong decision.

Loom’s vision is to empower effective communication at work. They give me the tools to do just that. With fewer features. Loom is approachable, easy to learn, and enjoyable to use.

With success, comes more features. This might create a less efficient experience. Where I’ll need to process more information and make more decisions. Some of the new features I'll find valuable and enjoy using. Some I won’t. I haven't found a need for the new screenshot or video stitching feature, just yet. But I'm excited for the homepage they're building.

I'm optimistic. Recording and sharing a video message is Loom's core experience, it's essential to get right. The team at Loom understands this. I hope features built on top of the core experience are subtle opt-ins. There if I need them, but not in my way.

Loom, please don’t make me think. Until then, I’m all in.